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An option that offers adequate time to see the high altitude wildlife, scenic waterfalls as well as an opportunity to study the high altitude plants without any chances of mountain complications.

The trekking is through the scenic moorland as well as the salient with rich physical features. The is quite fulfilling and acclimatizing especially for those planning to hike other high mountains like Mt. Kenya or Kilimanjaro.

 Aberdare Range stands between Mt. Kenya and the Great Rift Valley. It was named by the explorer Joseph Thomson after Lord Aberdare who was the President of the Royal Geographic Society at the time (1883). The local Kikuyu people called the Range Nyandarua, meaning a ”pegged hide” possibly from it’s resemblance in shape to an animal skin pegged on a mould to dry as was done traditionaly .

 The highest peak on the Range is Ol Doinyo Lesatima which stands at 4000m (13,120ft.) making the Aberdares the third highest mountains in Kenya after Mount Kenya (5199m) & Mt. Elgon (4321m). A hike to Satima Peak offers great sight seeing opportunities. It combines views of the most magnificent section of the Great Rift Valley to the west with the awe-inspiring horizon view of the majestic Mount Kenya 40 kms to the west.

 The ranges encompasses a large area of forest known as the Salient where larger animals are concentrated and where game viewing is done. The area in which trekking is done is above the Salient across the extensive moorland and giant heather zones of the mountain.

Day 01:

3 Days Aberdare hike

Early departure for Aberdares National Park through the park headquarter to pick up an escort park ranger and then enter the park through Tree Top Gate for game viewing and a visit to the scenic trio waterfalls of Ngura, Karuru and Chania. Arrival at the camp adjacent to the Fishing Lodge is in the late afternoon to set camp before dinner time.

Day 02:

After breakfast, driven a short distance to Karuru / Matubio junction to start 4-5 hike along a Forest / Moorland trail dotted with giant heather, tussock grass, open forest glades and rose wood to arrive at Honi river for overnight in tents. These escorted hike offers you an opportunity to encounter with baffaloes, elephant and many antelopes on foot. Picnic lunch is served enroute.

Day 03:

Early start for a short drive to Wandare raodhead camp, the base of the highest peak La Satima, (4001m). The hike up to the summit from here taking less than 2 hour. On clear day there is opportunities to observe Mt. Kenya and the majestic Rift Valley on the horizon and the surrounding vicinities of Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru and the Daiga hills. Descend to meet the vehicle for onwards transfer.