Okavango Swamps

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The Okavango swamps are Botswana’s main tourist attraction. In a strange reversal of the usual order of things, the development of the Rift Valley across the course of the Okavango River, seventh largest river in Africa, gave rise to the Okavango Delta, which is one of the most fascinating places in Africa. The 15,000 km2 inland delta (the largest in the world) is a result of the Okavango river and others flowing inland and forming a sea in the Kalahari Desert. Each year, heavy rainfall in Angola, the source of the Okavango River, results in the river breaking its banks and creating what is known as the Okavango Swamps as it flows into Botswana. The swamp waters are crystal clear, clean and free of bilharzia. This Eden is home to a vast array of animal, bird and plant life. Mid-May to mid-September, when the water levels are neither too high nor too low, is the best time to visit. To get the most out of the Okavango 

For the Delta experience, it is advisable to use the services of professional and experienced tour operators able to convey you through the complicated waterways, to lead you to the best game viewing, birdwatching or fishing spots. Contrary to some tourist literature, the whole delta does not teem with game – its attraction lies more in bird watching, fishing, the solitude (the silence and tranquility) and the unforgettable sunsets.

Anybody visiting this natural wonder of beautiful channels, lots of pristine landscapes, and islands inhabited by lots of wildlife, is a must. Access is by road and air. No big hotels can be found in this area which instead is characterised by a few excellent lodges and small camps. The policy is in line with keeping the habitat as natural as possible.

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