Mabuasehube Game Reserve

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3,900 sq. km. that includes some really remarkable country. In Sengaloga language the word ‘Mabuasehube’ means “red earth”. The focal point of the whole Reserve is the three large salt pans and several smaller ones, all separated by small sand dunes except for those at the southwest of each pan which are high and magnificent. The pans are starkly beautiful and reflect extraordinary colour changes as the day wears on. Large herds of animals especially eland and gemsbok come to lick salt from the pans. Predators too are frequent visitors.

The Reserve shares a boundary with the Gamesbok National Park. During winter and spring it is home to some of the herds which migrate from the west. Of the 170 recorded species of birds are large birds such as Kori bastard, secretary bird, eagle, vulture and buzzard. Water fowl visit the area after heavy rains.

The best time to visit is from July to September, although the park is open throughout the year.

The Reserve lies on the main road from Tshabong in the south to Hukuntsi. The road is navigable only by 4-WDs. Accommodation is at the Department of Wildlife and National Parks camp at Mabuasehube pan. One must bring all provisions and make arrangements with the Department in Gaborone or Tshabong (no phone) as the camp is not always occupied.

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