Igloo Type Tents
We use two person dome waterproof tents with fully fitted ground sheets and sewn-in mosquito nets. We also provide thick comfy mattresses and so all you need to bring is your sleeping bag.

Private Camping Safaris
Private Camping Safaris in Africa are extremely efficient and well organized. Your private camp are erected in a game-rich wilderness area; tents are large and luxurious with simple but adequate en-suite facilities; staff are sent ahead to attend to your every need and prepare your camp accommodation.

Tented Lodges
Similar to lodges in the number of guests they can accommodate, tented lodges consist of permanently pitched tents. They give you a chance to sleep under canvas but are equipped with en suite toilets and hot showers.

Tented Camps
Smaller than lodges and tented lodges, tented camps are usually privately managed and intimate, with the emphasis on service and attention to detail. Furnished beautifully and built into the surroundings their simplicity and style make tented camps some of the most expensive safari residences in Africa.

Safari Lodges
African lodges are usually imaginatively designed and mostly built of ‘bricks and mortar’. They are structured and can accommodate a large number of people. This type of safari accommodation is often found in remote locations and provides you with the creature comforts you’d expect from a hotel.

Africa has some well established and famous hotels which provide you with all the services and facilities that you require. This type of accommodation is often equipped with business centers so that you can keep in touch with family and friends before and after your safari.


Sleeping Under Canvas.
There is nothing quite like sleeping under the African skies on the floor of the Great Rift Valley or camping in the thick African savannah. We use two person dome waterproof tents with fully fitted ground sheets and sewn-in mosquito nets. We also provide thick comfy mattresses and so all you need to bring is your sleeping bag! Camping In Africa adds an unforgettable dimension to your holiday.
There are times you will have the luxury of a real bed, as some of our adventurer safaris utilize lodges or Tented Camps, but for most part on a camping Safari you will be camping. Some of the camps we use are in National Parks and have facilities like Showers and flush toilets.
Other camps are basic, for example our bush camps, the beauty of this being that you will find yourself getting up close and personal with Africa.
Camping Safaris allows you to go to places where few other travelers have been before. It allows you to meet authentic tribes and view incredible landscapes. We avoid busy campsites preferring wilder bush surroundings from where we can stroll peacefully whilst appreciating the scents and sounds of the spectacular African scenery. Our standard camps are lightweight.

To enable us to reach most places. Camping does not have to mean ‘roughing it’. Remember that camping, like game walking, is a means of accessing these wilderness areas, and with high quality food and equipment, camping in a scenically magic location is a truly memorable experience.

What about meals:
Great food is crucial to any travel experience. The standard of meals at Adventure Holidays is high standard, with emphasis being on good wholesome cooking. You will have fresh foods and vegetables along the way, and of course sample the local specialties of different tribes. Our cooks prepare the meals. To safeguard everyone’s health on tour, our crew ensures that excellent hygienic standards are maintained. If you have any special dietary requirements, your Adventure Holidays cook will do their best to accommodate you. Much of our cooking is done on the open fire but we also have gas stoves for convenience.

Your comfort and safety is our first priority. Our fleet of Purpose built adventure vehicles are renown for their mechanical excellence, durability and safety. They are designed and built to the highest specification with enough leg-room and hatched roof for game viewing.