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Wildilfe and cultural Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania
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Maasai Mara Wildlife and Culture tour

A concise safari experience that combines unique
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Clone of the Plains Safari

Visit Kenya's most acclaimed Savannah plain game
Kenya Explorers Saafri
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The Explorers Safari

Camping safari with a balanced wildlife and
Flamingoes in Rift Valley Lakes
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The Flamingo Safari

Experience first hand the beauty of Rift

Magical Kenya Safari

A luxury safari using safari converted 4x4
Lion in Kenya
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The Simba Safari

Among other popular game reserves, get ready

Climb Mount Kenya - 4 Days

A moderate mountain hike rated as the
Mount kenya trek
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Climbing Mount Kenya - 5 Days

A moderate hiking opportunity through the 2

Mount Kenya Climb in 6 Days

Exploration of contrasting and remarkably spectacular scenery